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ultra hair away bottlePermanent hair removal product or not?


Let’s face it. That is the bottom line in terms of what people want to know when they are researching a product. Does the product actually work and does it do what the advertisments say? In this case, is Ultra Hair Away a valid permanent hair removal product or not? In my opinion it most certainly is!


Below is a quick video that I found which gives a breakdown of what exactly Ultra Hair Away is and how it works.





First let me start by telling you a bit more about this hair removal cream. I did a fair amount of research on this product and basically it is a topical solution consisting of a mixture of exotic plant enzymes. These combined unique enzymes, which are measured in precise quantities, are the result of years of biological research and development.

Using Ultra Hair Away, according to the directions given, causes hair to become thinner and finer over weeks of application, until permanent hair removal is achieved. Basically it progressively and naturally STOPS unwanted hair growth through the use of enzyme technology.


Once applied, it saturates the base of the hair follicle and begins the unique process of stopping hair growth. The bottle will last between 1 – 3 months depending on the size of the area being treated and prolonged use of Ultra Hair Away will see the hair stop growing altogether within around 9 months. It really is one of the best hair removal creams on the market today.

Just spray away! It is as simple as that! The great the thing about this product is that it is site specific which means you can really target those areas that you want to see become hairless. 

ultra hair away


  • it is site specific and works for all areas of the body
  • no more need for the costly and painful methods of waxing, shaving and electrolysis, sugaring or laser therapy
  • it naturally stops hair and is 100% organic, so it’s completely safe and painless
  • works on coarse or fine hair for men and women
  • moisturizes skin and is fast drying
  • works even if your skin is sensitive
  • Non-staining which is always nice
  • very easy to use
  • helps show defined muscles that were once hidden ;)
  • excellent dispersibility
  • non-Alcoholic
  • low aroma profile
  • insensitive to temperature changes
  • no coloring agents


Like with all my reviews, I like to throw in any negatives that I may have found when doing my research because let’s face it, nothing is perfect! While I couldn’t find any meaningful customer complaints, I did stumble across a guy who actually turned out to be allergic to some of the ingredients in the product. Of course this problem is rather easily fixed by simply checking the ingredients beforehand to make sure that you are not allergic or intolerant. For a full list of the ingredients in Ultra Hair Away click here!!!

This is the end of my review; I hope you have enjoyed and learnt something new. Personally I think that this product is the the best hair removal cream on the market today and it really is a good permanent hair removal product. Believe me, I didn’t just write about it, i tried it!  Feel free to have a look at the other posts that I have written on this product in the right-hand column. Bye for now =)

ultra hair away bottle

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P.S. Before you go, make sure you take a look at the review I wrote on a great site called Natural Health Source.com. This really is a top notch site that provides a whole range of top notch health supplements and treatments. Click here to read my review on NHS.com!!!


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Natural Health Source.com

NaturalAs I was doing my research on the Ultra Hair Away product, I came across a cracking site that I would like to share with you now. The site’s name is Natural Health Source.com and covers pretty much every basis in terms of health supplements and general well-being. Click below to see for yourself!



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Upper Lip Hair Removal

Hello there! It’s Jack again with another cool personal story that I found online concerning the UHA product. This one I found on an online Blog from a lady called Marie. Marie had had a problem for the majority of her life until one day she got fed up and decided to solve said problem once and for all. Enjoy!

Women’s battle against the hairy lip!

Hey everyone, Marie here! This is my first Blog so I hope it reads ok! :) I am forever online reading other people’s stories and experiences and it never really occurred to me do likewise until a friend suggested it to me. So, after learning how to set up a Blog, I decided to give it a try! Hope you like it!

Like a lot of women, I suffer from an annoying growth of hair on my upper lip Continue reading

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Ultra Hair Away V Laser Hair Removal

Is UHA Better Than LHR???

Every since we came into creation, we humans have been developing and maturing in every way..every way except that is the hairy way. The rest of our body parts have changed so much to suit the way we live today, but our body hair refuses to comply it seems – it stubbornly persists on growing in areas where we simply have no need for it. However, like with every problem that we have faced, we created a solution – laser hair removal.

Ever since this technique of removing unwanted body hair was first created, it has become extremely popular all over the United States and indeed the entire world. Why is it so popular I hear you ask? Simple, because it is a proven method of removing unwanted hair and ensuring that it never comes back. Sounds great yes? But there are drawbacks. Continue reading

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How Ultra Hair Away Can Help With Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating


Many people suffer from excessive sweating which can be very uncomfortably and unseemly. The main area of the body where this affliction seems to be most troublesome is the armpit. Shirts and other items of clothing can be stained and ruined beyond repair and a person’s confidence can really be damaged.

A solution for excessive sweating – concerning armpits – is to trim or fully  remove armpit hair. By doing this it results in sweat Continue reading

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Hair Removal For Women

What method is best for permanent hair removal for women?

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but women did not start worrying about hair removal until the early 1900’s. In fact men were more concerned about unwanted hair before the opposite sex! Wow how times have changed!

One of the very first hair removal techniques that was popular among women was something called threading which was quite time consuming and rather painful. The technique involved using a piece of thread wrapped around your fingers which was then Continue reading

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Man’s Battle Against Unwanted Hair

What kind of hairy dilemmas do most men face nowadays?

There are several; some that have afflicted me personally and others that I have read about or heard from friends. I think the most unwanted place for any man to have excessive hair is on his shoulders and back. Why? Simply put, it is not the least bit attractive! Women are very rarely fond of a man whose back resembles that of King Kong’s. Tufts of black hair sticking out the back of your t-shirt is just not a good look!

A hairy chest is another affliction that some men suffer from. While this may not be on the same level of unpleasantness as the aforementioned hairy back and shoulders, some men do feel embarrassed by their hairy chests. I for one have a nice rug grown on my chest and don’t really see it as something that I would get rid of anytime soon. While some women don’t like a hairy chest, a lot of them Continue reading

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Why Home Hair Removal Beats Expensive Treatments

Why I believe home hair removal is better than expensive treatments

Going and getting some part of your body waxed by professionals or perhaps visiting a laser hair removal clinic has many downsides in my opinion. For one, they are more often than not very expensive and time consuming. Also, in the case of a man, it can be quiet embarrassing. So, if like me this route does not take your fancy, then what is the alternatives? Is home hair removal a better solution to your hairy dilemma? And if it is, what sort of hair removal technique is best?

Well first of all – and I can say this from personal experience - a home hair removal system involving any kind of heated wax can turn disastrous very quick. It is rather challenging trying to hold a little mirror in one hand while holding a tub of hot wax in the other, all the while being Continue reading

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Kiss Back Hair Goodbye

All hairy men dread the same thing; that same horrible feeling. The weather is getting increasingly hot and all your gym going pals are stripping off their tops in an effort to impress the girls. Your six pack may be just as impressive as theirs, but no-one will ever know as there is no hope of you taking of your top. Instead you will stay in the shade and pretend that you can’t handle the sun even though secretly it is depressing you to sit on the sidelines and miss out on all the fun. This is the curse of having a hairy back. The teasing and taunting by your mates simply would not be worth the hassle.

So what is the solution? Is there a way for permanent back hair removal? You need help with this matter but where do you being to look for the answers? It certainly is not something that you want to approach a friend or family member with, but how could you possibly reach those hairy spots on your back with a razor by yourself? It’s not possible. And there is no way that you want to subject yourself to the pain and agony that accompanies a full back wax! Not to mention the amount of time that it would take to get one. But what is the alternative course of action? Avoiding the pool and beach for the rest of your days does not sound like very much fun either, or all that practical.

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Permanent Hair Removal FAQs

In this day and age of information overload there still seems to be more questions about permanent hair removal systems than there are answers. Who has time to wade through the pages and pages and pages on the internet to uncover the hidden mysteries of how to get rid of that pesky unwanted hair that seems to be sprouting in places you didn’t even know existed? So hopefully the following can answer some of those questions that you have wanted to ask and have not known where to go.

How long does Ultra Hair Away take to work?

It really depend on the individual person – as in what kind of hair they have and where that hair is being removed from. On average it can take 6 to10 weeks but if your hair is thicker and courser, then it can take a little longer.

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